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Raleigh Internet Marketing & SEO Experts

Local SEO

Build your business on solid ground with a strong online presence that creates tremendous online visibility to pull in local customers.  We specialize in helping local businesses grow!

Internet Marketing

If you just want results, you may want to consider our lead generation services that use a blended media approach to generate inbound leads exclusive to your business.

Google AdWords

If you need more customers now, our Raleigh PPC solution uses Google AdWords to bring in hot leads fast to keep your business going while you grow your online presence with SEO.

A Few Technologies We Use

Technologies that we use

Our Secret Lab

Our extremely powerful Raleigh SEO and digital marketing services were born in our secret lab where we’re busy constantly creating and testing. That’s what it takes to stay on top, because Google changes their ranking algorithm constantly. They’re busy inventing the next generation of search, and we’re right there helping you protect what you worked hard for.  There’s so much misinformation out there about SEO.  We don’t guess, make assumptions, or follow the herd – we prove what works in our lab, and then use it to skyrocket our customers’ websites.

How It’s Made

Our SEO scientist locks himself in the secret underground lab for days on end, eating nothing but pizza and drinking caffeinated beverages by the gallon as he conducts ground-breaking research that must forever remain secret. Then, we equip hundreds of ninjas with our secret new technology and send them out at night in black helicopters to install it everywhere. OK, OK… maybe that’s not quite how it really happens, but the point is we’re always testing to stay on top of what really works.

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Internet Marketing Services Overview

The term Internet marketing covers a lot of ground, and you might get different definitions depending on who you ask.  In some circles it has a very specific connotation of selling goods and services to the entire Internet, but we think that’s a narrow view and use the term to mean all forms of marketing your business across the Internet.  These are a few different types of Internet marketing, and there are certainly others that we haven’t even listed.

Google AdWords (PPC)

The advantage of Pay Per Click services like Google AdWords is that they have the potential to start bringing in leads almost overnight.  One thing many people overlook is ensuring that the landing page on the website where the leads are sent to has been optimized to maximize the chances that they actually contact you.  You don’t want to send visitors to a generic webpage with a lot of links or distractions.  If you’re going to pay to get them to your website, you want them to initiate contact with you.


Social Media Marketing

From paid Facebook Ads to blogging and tweeting, we can help your business increase your exposure to potential customers in a way that makes sense.  There are many different ways to approach such advertising, and which approach is best really depends on your particular business.  For example, general exposure ads displayed to everyone in a certain geographic area might be OK to let people know about a restaurant, but if you’re a plumber that specializes in emergency calls then you’d be paying to show such an ad to a lot of people that probably don’t need your help at that particular moment.  Social media marketing can be highly effective for many types of businesses when used correctly.

Video Marketing

With the huge search volume that YouTube gets and the priority of such videos in many Google search results, many businesses are now turning their attention to creating and marketing videos that highlight their business.  Many people would rather watch a quick video about your business that gives them a sense of who you really are than to read pages on a website that may or may not do as good of a job conveying the personality of your business.  Video marketing is great as a sales introduction for your business, but it can also be very effective at creating buyer trust by using it to publish educational “how to” type videos.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can, when done correctly, be used to help both retain customers as well as increase customer lifetime value.  Unfortunately, even though we all get a lot of spam, many people implement email marketing without understanding copywriting or how to actually use it effectively.  You don’t just want to send people emails ask them to buy stuff.  Rather, an email marketing campaign should serve to educate your customer base and provide information that actually helps them, and do so in a way that’s enjoyable to them.

Local SEO

Our Local SEO service is designed specifically to connect Raleigh businesses with nearby customers.  Search Engine Optimization may be one of the most widely misapplied internet marketing strategies.  It can take different forms, and there always seems to be some latest gimmick that people will try to exploit for a couple of weeks until Google catches up with it and puts a stop to it – and then penalizes people that tried to abuse it.  Many different factors go into good SEO, and there are different specialties with the SEO field itself for broad internet marketing, local businesses, and videos.